0Bachata is a style of music and dance originating from the Dominican Republic, very sensual and gentle, which became extremely popular all over the world. Bachata is simple enough to learn. The basic step usually consists of three steps sideways, forward or backward, and the last account is accented by thigh, by placing the feet on the toes and straightening the knee. In bachata does not play a big role of a rich set of elements, most important of all soft, intuitive, sensual leading the partner.

History. Generally, the occurrence of bachata associated with tense social situation in the Dominican Republic in the early 60-ies of XX century, after the overthrow of dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. In those days bacati or combinati ( Spanish bachata, cumbanchata ) called noisy party of the poor with an abundant libations. These gatherings of the poor had a job literally anywhere – in the courtyards of the houses or just in the shade of the trees on the streets. Music such gatherings-batcat was considered vulgar by the offspring of the lower classes, songs poor neighborhoods, which tells of the problems of the poor, unrequited love and other ills of life. That’s why bachata called “música de amargue” – music of bitterness. For a long time in the Dominican Republic there was an unofficial ban bachata as “low genre”: songs in this style were not in discos and not broadcast on the radio (with the exceptions of station “Radio Guarachita” ( Radio Guarachita ), records are not sold in record stores. A watershed time in the history of bachata steel 80-ies of XX century. At this point the band realized that bachata is perfectly located to transfer such feelings as nostalgia, melancholy and longing and become more extensive use of this expressive side. But the main milestone in the modern history of bachata was the album Juan Luis Guerra’s “bachata Pink” ( Bachata rosa ). Released in 1990, it was a huge success and broke prevailing in the Dominican Republic prejudice against bachata; now it has become popular even in the higher strata of Dominican society. Economic, social and cultural change in the Dominican Republic has led to the fact that bachata has gained fame and popularity not only at home but abroad as well.

Popular bachata artists are Toby Love, xTreme, Frank Reyes, Prince Royce.

Styles of bachata. Over time, the bachata was transformed and changed, and today we have some of the most common types, or styles, bachata:

Bachata Dominicana is the original style of bachata, i.e. it is danced unfortunate poor of the Dominican Republic, to somehow diversify your hopeless life. Music of the Dominican Republic is fast enough, a lot of percussion, and dance is an addl steps from side to side and characterized by a large number of footwork. There are not a lot of games, mainly the movement of freestyle, and supports and in General there is little basic is very fast leg movements (it is the notorious footwork). Unlike other styles of bachata, dancers constantly alternating open and closed position and not fond great number of figures of twists and turns.

Bachata is a classic . according to General opinion, is a westernized version of the Dominican Republic, which originated in the U.S. and Europe. Classic bachata no amount of footwork, the music is slow and romantic. A distinctive feature of this style is a small movement of the thigh on the fourth account [1. 2. 3. the thigh]. Very often used a closed position in which the housing and the partners hip is almost completely touching. In addition to a closed position often used different rotation and support of the partner.

The modern style. About this style can say a lot! But in short, this style has enriched the traditional classic bachata elements from other dances and cross steps. Cross step is obtained due to the fact that one leg is placed before or after another. In bachata Moderna cross-step can be performed on the first, second, third or even fourth account. Bachata Moderna is rich in styling, slides, intricate footwork and accented movements.

The most interesting subspecies bachata-Moderna are:

bachatango . here, it is clear, bachata crossed with tango.

Characterized by elaborate steps, breathtaking twists, and long pauses borrowed in tango. Partners dance in a very close position. Bachatango more focused on sensuality than on the footwork. At home bachata about this style never even heard of.

crankcase . and here combines in itself bachata, reggaeton, hip-hop and RnB. The creators of the style are considered Jorge Attack and Le alemán, well known in the salsa and bachata world instructor.

Also allocate more bachata-fusion, bachata-Urbana, bakasura and others, but in General they too differ slightly from the basic styles! Description of some of them:

Urban bachata (bachata-Urbana) . In urban bachata observed effect bachata-modern and hip-hop. It is a dance with quick steps and urban flavor. In this style of dance in any direction (not just from side to side) and use the new elements with degenerated musicianship, powerful turns and urban tint.

Bachata-Rueda (Rueda de Bachata) . Inspired by the Cuban rueda de casino, this style bachata is focused on a group of several couples dancing bachata in a circle and performing the pieces on the team Cantor. In General, the figures are not particularly complex, which allows all participants to carry them out, and follow the music. Rueda de bachata characterized by an abundance of dance figures and often change partners during the dance.

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