5The musical style of reggae emerged in the 60 years as one of new musical styles Jamaican pop music. Its history is also quite simple and usual for that time. Listening to American radio waves musicians of Jamaica hear some rhythm and Blues songs performed fairly well-known singers. Like the style of music they liked, and they decided to bring it to the masses. But because of the notes they didn’t have, they picked up the music exclusively listening to the radio. Accordingly, the fact that it turned out quite different from the original composition. Some parts just had tended to be overlooked, and to write music in their place put such a familiar Jamaican pop music. And, of course, no musician did not miss the opportunity to add any peculiarity in the composition.

If you have to be meticulous – roots Regia is the rhythm of the Andes Blues. The style of music of black authors was very close and residents of Jamaica, including many descendants temnokojiy slaves imported to the island in the seventeenth century. As a result of mixing traditional Jamaican music and melodies brought something very interesting. Slow, harmonious and relaxed – is reggae. To include the ideas of many musical flow, reggae remained true to its spirit – the spirit of peace, harmony. The idea of music. Spiritual development the lack of negativity is what will save the world, that’s the future. This is the concept of flow, assuming the same equality and fraternity. Surprisingly – reggae hit the spot worldwide. Was introduced to this music – Bob Marley. The first person from third world countries, who became a world star.

Given the vitality and vigor, but at the same time the unhurried nature of the Jamaican people, the rhythm of the music greatly changed, and it was replaced by the speed, expressiveness or lack of attention, in that case, if the songs are supposed to be slow. Easy melodies with a fairly simple text began to sound in discos and clubs, and a huge number of fans of such music. The rhythms of reggae began to move across the planet, the idea of reggae fell on fertile ground at the time were popular pacifistically ideas. Raskreposchenie, freedom, peace and equality – this is the sixties.