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    21Musical style and vocal distribution of roles is an Excerpt from the song “Undead”, the title song and second single from альбомаSwan Songs. The song took 11th place вAlternative Songs and one of the 10 Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. Music Hollywood Undead is a wide variety of musical styles, mostly a mix of hip-hop with alternative rock and dance music. However, many consider them to rap rock, crunkcore or nu metal. Half of the songs on Swan Songs reflect a mixed style, while the other half showed a more heavy sound. Many critics have stated that you were confused because of the constant change in sound of music.[40] the Album American Tragedy written in the same style, but with plenty of classic rock instruments as well as synthesizers and electronic elements, and most of the tracks can be attributed more to the rap-rock than hip-hop. Most of the songs Hollywood Undead serious and pessimistic (“Paradise Lost”, “City”, “Pour Me”, “S. C. A. V. A.”), but there are also dance, suitable for execution in clubs (“No.5”, “Comin’ in Hot”, “Le Deux”), the Group stated in an interview that each team member plays their own role in the song writing and executing a passage in the compositions.[41] most of the songs are constructed in the following way: 2, 3 (rarely 4) rap verse, chorus, performed clean vocals, and the bridge is usually a mixture of both. Until 2009, the parties executed clean vocals, sang Deuce. With the release of American Tragedy, his role was assumed by Danny. Da Kurlzz usually has his passage in the song, performing the role of a screamo singer. Johnny 3 Tears and J-Dog usually sing songs, serious songs, and Charlie Scene and Funny Man in funny songs club orientation. There is a song, all the verses in which one takes the rapper: “No Other Place” (Funny Man), “Young”, “S. C. A. V. A.”, “Pour Me” (Johnny 3 Tears), “The Kids” (J-Dog), “This Love, This Hate” (Deuce), “Everywhere I Go (Charlie Scene). Only in two songs involved six members of the group: “Christmas in Hollywood” and “The Natives”.

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