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    15Good day, readers of this Muz-OFFtop. Today we talk a little about musical instruments in rock and Heavy metal . We agree that in this article, we will identify rock and Heavy metal, so as not to get confused and not to argue about the terms.

    Beginning of the history of Heavy metal and musical instruments for his performance brings us back to those distant days, when was invented and modified to mind the electric guitar such outstanding musicians and part-time innovators like George Beauchamp (actually, he invented the first electric guitar), Adolph Rickenbacker, Paul Barth, and Les Paul. Without labor, persistence and a fresh Outlook on the music we would probably not soon saw and heard a real heavy metal in the form that we now know and love. Because the guitar is a musical instrument. which is a symbol of rock music and Heavy metal!

    Heavy metal was born in the 70s of the last century and has established itself as a very loud and unusual music. The main musical instruments . used to play in rock and heavy metal were: guitar . bass guitars, drums and vocals (let’s equate it won’t be long to a musical instrument). What are the guitars played rock and Heavy metal – and a simple six-string guitar, and a seven-string, and with the eight, and even on so-called a Warr guitar . with 50 strings . With a bass guitar all a bit easier – the number of strings on them varies from 3 to 6. Drums for rock music also was used varied: from drum sets, consisting of 1 barrel up to prohibitively large and heavy units, providing the game any drum solo. for example, used by mark Temperato, which consisted of more than 500 components .

    As the popularity and development of such music as Heavy metal musicians began to experiment with the sound of their songs. The first innovation in this kind of music was the use of the synthesizer musicians. This tool allowed us to bring to the table hundreds of new musical elements, sounds that at times it seemed that only one synthesizer is able to replace an entire rock band. Another experiment was the use of bagpipes as one of the main musical instruments in the music of Heavy metal . This experiment became famous for the notorious band AC/DC . which is often used bagpipes in his compositions, for example, in the song It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll). This was perhaps one of the most unusual musical instruments that were used in Heavy metal music.

    Because of these musical experiments in the camp of fans of Heavy metal began to be split. So, some welcomed each and every kind of musical experiments in metal, while others categorically deny them. From here went and numerous offshoots from the style of Heavy metal music. So, one of the most interesting musical varieties of heavy music became Norwegian Black metal . In this music combined seemingly incongruous: heavy metal, folk music, acoustic guitar, horns, harp, traditional drums, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes and many other traditional Norwegian instruments. This unusual musical style inspired many rock bands from other countries as well start experimenting with the sound of their songs. Especially popular and even honorable to a solid musical rock bands began to make arrangements of their most popular songs for their Symphony orchestra. This experiment was indeed successful. And for many rock bands that became one of the most coveted achievements is to play our own songs together with the orchestra. Not to mention the recording of the album in collaboration with Symphony orchestras.

    Since the early 90-ies of Heavy metal music has ceased to be associated strictly with 3 or 4 musical instruments. Now rock and metal – it’s more the mood of the music, its meaning than the form of expression. However, high technique, high volume and severity of anybody in this music has not yet been canceled. For we love our good old Heavy metal .