191. Music style: cultural, historical, composing, performing.

2. Music genres. The essence of this category.

3. Musical form: definition, nature, characteristics of the structure. External and internal form of the work.

4. Form – the structure and form of the process (theory Asafiev).


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Musical form – the structure of the muses. works. Shape is determined by the content of each work.

The content of the music is to reflect reality in a specific muses.

The concept of form in a broad sense is an artistic embodiment of ideological figurative content using the specific muses. funds.

In the narrow sense is a composite plan of the work.

The unity of form and content is that this content is embodied in specific muses. form. The content is broader and richer form, the form depending on the content.

The predominance of substance over form is a contradiction. This contradiction creates an incentive for the development of music. material leads to the formation of the muses. shape and allows divers to live long and highly artistic works.

Form-structure. With the concept of structure is similar to the notion of a compositional plan. The only difference is that com-tion plan is a proposed structure that dictated the artistic intent and precedes the completion of the production I the same structure represents the compositional plan in its final form. The structure can be represented as the shape of the diagram, indicating only the main sections of PR-I.

Form as a process. Under the process, you should understand everything that is happening with music. Mat-scrap in the composition as a whole. The development process is compared with the structure, the inner side of the m. f. called morphogenesis.

Structure and development are two inseparable sides of a single phenomenon – music. form. The development process ends with a specific outcome:the analysis revealed that the development had led to Takeuchi structure with such features.

The structure is a separate building, the sites of action. Muz. the material is what works in these areas. It is impossible therefore to confuse the concept of the PSP. Portia (as the plot of the action) with the theme of the PSP. party.

The basic principle of dividing forms: music. HAPP-e is not considered as a summand of the constituent parts, but an organic whole, only razchlenyayetsya. When the partitioning of f-we strictly have to be respected hierarchy and subordination: in one row can be set only sections of the same fundamental values. Cannot be compared to the main topics small, essentially subordinate.