18The identity of the musician

About the personality of Antonio Domenico Geraldine we know very little — on this account we extremely unlucky. No letters written by him or addressed to him, nor any reliable amplify them — nothing left, as if someone was purposely trying to destroy everything that could shed light on the spiritual aspect of man, whose work was part of the culmination of the development of the artistic culture of Italy the second quarter of the eighteenth century. The only document which is available to modern researchers, this is a diary of the composer. The whole structure of this document — and the style, and content — filled with pain and doubt. Expressed the thoughts — large, bold, carried — can only belong to the famous musician. But about the personality of the composer speak very scarce materials. All that is definitely known about Geraldine, is reduced to a purely external aspect of his work. But even a bare enumeration of the facts of his life gaping voids. So still not aware of the details of the birth of composer — one legend intricate another. To find a parish record of the baptism in the Venetian archives to researchers and failed. Another serious gap in the biography — the absence of any comprehensive data relating to the work of Geraldine in the Opera genre, which in the latest, most Mature years was the sense of creative activity of the composer to a much greater degree than any other. It is illuminated only indirectly and sketchy, exclusively through scarce memoirs of contemporaries.

It is known that during the life of Geraldine compatriots appreciated his art. Musical and theatrical celebrities actively sought cooperation with a young and talented composer when creating new works. The organizers of the public festivities also widely attracted to his music.

About the musical style.

The characteristic musical style of Geraldine — not an easy task. The very originality of his writing is difficult to established definitions, and inexhaustible imagination of the composer gave rise to endless options and even more or less conventional techniques.

Chronologically, Geraldine resides between Bach and Haydn. While his work certainly should be attributed to the style, conventionally referred to as Baroque. The system of thinking that composer relies, on the one hand, to a new type of harmony and polyphony, which began to form in tonal era of the early Bach; on the other — to a new harmonic and melodic warehouse, born and growing in the framework of operas, cantatas and oratorios Vivaldi, Corelli and other masters of Italy. Geraldine another increasingly expresses itself through choral writing, tending to the abstract sublime imagery, and, however, passionate about drama, stage music and fine musical sound. However, the most striking, individual and interesting in the art of Geraldine (what is the essence of his artistic uniqueness) is expressed in the underlined deviations from the typical, in the "errors" against the norm. This is clearly discernable identity goes back not only to the line of thought of Geraldine, but largely to the Italian music of the first half of the eighteenth century. Relationship to national warehouse artistic thinking he manifested in many ways, but most directly and with the most significant artistic effect — in ladalarmenable the field. However, in the originality of harmonic techniques, apparently, is the main reason that even in the homeland of the composer himself later generations did not understand and therefore did not accept his art. For the second quarter of the eighteenth century classical Lado-tone system is finally subdued all the professional composer creativity of Europe. As a result, the Europeans kinda lost the sensitivity to the expressive systems that are not related to classical harmony.

It may be thought that the diversity, versatility, breadth of expressive means in the music of Geraldine, the attraction to both old and the newest, future-focused genre, inevitably lead to eclectic. However, it is not. Powerful and holistic personality of the composer subdues and binds together all the "mixed" components.

Author: Oleksii Kharchenko