"Orchestra" and musical style Svetlana Surganova has updated its “Orchestra” and musical style

Svetlana Surganova opened in St. Petersburg a new club called "Astronaut" and changed half of his "Orchestra". And it is even said in an exclusive interview about how you spent the summer.

– Light, small essay on the topic "How I spent my summer?”…

– In the summer I rowed.

– I hope the money?

“Of course not! Literally I rowed. I have an inflatable boat. It’s big and roomy, but the motor on it there, but there are two paddles. We visited a suburban lake in Toksovo and in Roshchino. Then from St. Petersburg heat for eight days were rescued in Portugal. Gorgeous ocean, warm, friendly. We hours out of the water, although usually cool the water in the Atlantic. Many kilometers of beach was full. People communicated with the sea. I walked on the beach. In my ears was Vera Polozkova with her "Photosynthesis". I worked on her own memory, learned poems by heart. Extremely consciously spent hours. I advise everyone who wants to tan well, do not lie seals, move.

And, of course, an unforgettable summer experience – this is a night dedicated to Brodsky in the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov, with the participation of the Jurassic, Tabakova… I was very pleased to be there. I was invited to sing the song "I Don’t". The text – part of the poem Brodsky "From the edge to the center”. A few years ago, I made mnemonically feat – has learned the poem "Butterfly". But the evening was already set design built. Then I say: «And I can still read a poem?". I reply: "Only if". And I read the "Butterfly" on speed. Then I said, “Sorry, we do not think that the man from St. Petersburg came to one song to sing. Of course, read what you want…”.

– What did the other participants about Your song? Still, Brodsky is not so easy to sing…

– Jurassic said backstage: “It is how you should interpret Brodsky, but why you did not sing the line about the brick wall"? I would now actually be a poem sung, completely, but it is really not a song, and a mini-rock Opera.

“What was that you said. And what will happen?

– Will the new energy, new faces. Young, beautiful, talented. They want to work. Them with interesting material. Every few years I need to change something in my life. The group ” Surganova and Orchestra" changes the sound energy flow. Changes and composition. Half.

We have a new rhythm section: drummer and bass player. It is the skeleton, the backbone on which a lot rests. Bass guitarist Denis Susin studied together with our musician Michael Tebenkov. Drummer Vyacheslav Mikheyev cooperates with the Komissarzhevskaya theatre. He who played, but what sold me was that he’s also a paramedic. We now present the team «ambulance": nurse (guitarist Valery Thai graduated from medical school), a paramedic and a doctor in education Svetlana Surganova – pediatrician).

– This year almost never perform in Russia. But for a concert on his birthday – November 14 – made an exception…

– Yes, we will play on the stage of our new club "Astronaut" in Peter. It is located in the former theater of the same name – a five minute walk from the metro Institute of Technology. This club is a credit to our Director of Natalia Leushino. My contribution is much less. Natasha studied European club history. Watched the clubs in those cities where we recorded the fate. And we have an ambitious desire to make in Peter’s place, which fully corresponds to the European level. And I assure you, this will be one of the best clubs for live sound. And I also wanted to try this site. There is a sin not to be trampled. Besides innovations in the band’s sound would be appropriate in the club "Astronaut"….

New arrangements – this Appendix e, including, cosmic sounds. Surganova experimenting a lot with vocals. In her new compositions and jazz, and even energetic and ironic rap.

– Why not? – smiles of Light. – call me the founder of female rap in Russia. It is enough to remember the song “Spring” and “a Premonition of death”…

In the case of Surganova is absolutely not true, the promise that Russian rock – it’s the lyrics to three chords and the guitar. While her new material – only sketches, but it is clear that he’s unusual style and diverse musically.

And since February of next year the group is planning a big tour in Russia: 30 cities, and in most of them the musicians played.