2It was too strange and unusual. It all started with the fact that the last operation clearly went awry. Someone gave the Decepticons the location of the capture team, and six of the Autobots covered with fire from the air. Starscream headed flying team easily crushed hastily invented protection of airboats, and they did not even have time to get in the air. Rescue time is ripe protectobot, and transformers scarlet sign off General fright.

Cybertron was silent. Prime sat motionless in front of the screen and looked at one point. This was not the first failed operation last month, and the Leader began to listen to the arguments of Prola. Among the Autobots got a double agent. The situation has reached the point that every suspected neighbor’s in the betrayal, and the once close-knit teams quick step diverged in hand, discipline was bursting at the seams, more and more small quarrel turned into a fight. Optimus seemed that the world was shaken, and even the Matrix of Leadership could not bring the Autobots to “live together”.

The last straw was the big fight Blaster and Jazz. These two seemed inseparable, and somehow tried to make peace between others. Music maniacs found a sure remedy – turn the music louder and waited until everyone gets tired of it. Rock-and-roll from the speakers at 180 decibels demolished processors in a matter of minutes, the door earlier, and the rest of the day Jazz and Blaster with wills scoured basis, in pursuit of a friendly crowd of angry fellows. Then two or three days all was quiet, happily blowing on sound perverts, and all were rolling on the new. Why they suddenly fled, no one knew. But the fact was that – after one and a half hours of song battles, in which both cut the column to the max in an attempt to drown out the music of the enemy, – Jazz in a terrible mood left the base. Blaster was silent and snapped. Lieutenant blocked the connection and not answered questions.

So Optimus was a complete surprise when Blaster publicly stated that the saboteur was playing a double game. In proof cassette threw one sentence. “He said that Soundwave is better than I, and besides, too, Lieutenant.” Prime refused to believe, citing the fact that it is extremely impulsive Jazz are not accustomed to quarrels and could blurt out anything. But, according to the Lieutenant, “the word is not a Sparrow, woodpecker, and sucks so the better”, and many began to whisper. Rumors. Optimus actually felt in the air flashed ionizing voltage, and didn’t give up trying to reason with Communicator. To no avail. Napalm in the fuel lines threw the fact that the Jazz never came back….

…Starscream sat in the chimney of one of idle factories and violently, biting his lip. Megatron was again dissatisfied. He, the commander of the air force, once again proved his skill, almost clean estimates of airboats and pointing the chaos in a series of ground avtobuska forces. But no! The leader apparently had to bring the head of Prime on a silver platter, tied a polymer ribbon. But in this case he, Starscream, they get tons of complaints – look dead optics don’t look so alarmed, antenna under the spotlight, unsightly little wire sticking out… And a bunch of other “wrong, wrong, not suitable”. Siker in utter disorder left the base, having before this hell of a scolding.

“Oh, I’m an idiot. Oh, I mean sharkticons henchman. Suitcase flying. Unicron offspring. Yes I best graduate! I elite air force! He’ll be sorry that you just did this to me!

The fighter wiped the back of her hand wiped her dripping lips with a trickle of Energon. Megatron punched him in the face. Himself siker considered herself the most beautiful, and his body treated with care and love… And the leader had dared to hit him in the face! Yes, even before the formation! Starscream broke down and said things that clearly should not have. And now forced to wait out the stormy fit of anger from the authorities away from cozy cover and oil bath. Grovel thus Starscream could for a long time, if its sensitive external sensors have not detected the presence of the Autobots. Curious siker couldn’t resist quietly planned from his perch, safely hiding in the dark alleys. After a couple of minutes his autosensor recorded quiet eloquent speech.

– …Yeah me! Yes I have it! How dare he. To say ME that I don’t know music!

Starscream pulled his lips into a smile. Then the Lieutenant came out. And not notifying the rest…

– Sharkov tape! Yes a bomb that destroys it!

In the processor of strong drink, like flashed a bright light bulb. The details of the plan that he was going to propose to Megatron, have finally gathered together in the whole picture when siker flew into the throne room. White Leader in a fit of rage he nearly takes her under her wings, but as the confused story calmed down.


From the wild roar of the Decepticon shuddered and shivered. When Megatron was so mad, it could only mean two things. Or someone will lose something important, or someone will get the job, and will lose something important if you don’t execute it.

A long conversation was marked by a triumphant grin Starscream.

– While we should disable sensor-spy from Prime. And probably loose the next operation. Then the Autobots believe that the Jazz had betrayed them, and we will have more chances.

– With the proviso that Soundwave will not fail us.

Megatron with doubt looked at his back retreating Communicator.

Jazz wrapped into one of the streets, occupied the tank cleaner and began to relax the system the old-fashioned way. That is actively applying to containers of Energon, recently purchased at an underground bar neutral sector. Internal sound system worked. First. Then a furious Jazz cut “player” – playlists were filled with music that you secretly took out a Blaster. And the saboteur wanted something new. The silence and the noises bothered.

When at the end of the alley loomed the figure, the Jazz have selected and activated the weapon. Scanners identified the stranger as Soundwave. Lieutenant vengeful smiled. Then his smile changed to one of bewilderment, and later on delight. From the body of the Decepticon came barely perceptible vibration. Rhythm. New. Addictive. Addicted. It seemed that the Soundwave here by accident. Just walking before a session restart. But life has taught saboteur not to believe the coincidences.

– Wait!

Gyroscopes of Jazz, a little play tricks, but filtration plants work at all, and accuracy Autobot drunk is not affected. Saboteur was prepared to resist; system flushed with resentment and some anger, worked like clockwork. But, much to the surprise of Jazz, cassette lifted the top up.

– The answer is Yes. I don’t want to fight.

Jazz at first thought he had misheard, but autosensor didn’t crash, the Sound of weapon was never activated.

– What do you mean don’t want? Man, you sawdust to the processor filled?