11June 11, in the Samara region will be Europe’s largest festival ” rock over the Volga” (free admission), which last year.

– Igor, you are a professional actor. But your song "Combine" written and sung so it is for certain, if you do not know firsthand about the everyday life of the combine. You’re so tightly accustomed to the role that the song was born, or knew all the hardships and privations of their lives?

Combine – this is my summer circle. Was all life and remains. My cousin Vasily Kotlyarov that we are the same age, with 14 years as a combiner. The photograph of his father, uncle Tolya, hung on the honor roll in Rakovka – he has been repeatedly recognized "best combiner farm Covenants Lenin". In General, the hardships of life combiner I knew six years. Uncle Tolia often took his brother for cleaning, and I also sometimes asked to go with them. But combine from me in six years was useless: after an hour I became uncomfortable. It was hot and dusty, and me a car passing by was sent to Rakovka to grandma Masha, where there were no dusty cabs of combines, but there were dumplings with cherry and sour milk with sugar. Also, I failed propolice watermelons. Neighbor uncle Tolya and his brother Basil kept the plantation and sometimes attracted women and children weeding it. But for some reason I tried to weed watermelons instead of weeds, so I was soon excommunicated from that. Although last year I and my buddies combiners Mars Akhunova and Rinat Sultanov harvested a lot of wheat. They were, incidentally, very happy that I help them, because during the cleaning people grow so tired and not sleeping, and then I help them. And worked – they drive the combine in Sionko, Reaper throw, reel lift, me at the helm and in the cabin area on the plastic canister to sleep until something breaks. I’m going, clean, they rest. Then again, squeaked somewhere or bunker harvested or something welled up. Then they Wake up and begin to repair the harvester with a crowbar, wire and dirty. All this, incidentally, is on the Internet, we the movie’s about them, "the Eyes of Lehi Lyakhov" is called.

– Your "ribbon" – one of the best and honest songs about Victory Day. "And so war s the pain comes only a spring exacerbation" – please clarify this line.

– Time goes on, and today’s generation of children have no experience of a personal relationship with participants in the war. From this they have to do with the war total and seasonal. Because George ribbon campaign – seasonal campaign, tied in somewhere. Too, like in the subject, too, remember and feel proud. Children are not to blame, they are just another generation, and no other way to perceive the war they will not work anyway. After all, when steel Victory Parades? In 1965, if I’m not mistaken. Prior to that, tried not to touch this topic. All without the ribbons remembered everything perfectly. The whole terrible tragedy and a terrible price paid for the Victory. And veterans have to love when they are already almost gone. Who would be an obstacle to love of veterans of the Chechen wars? There they are, young boys. They would have these apartments and cars is very useful. Chechnya all restored and its benefits to the residents of any given, and my friends farm who fought, receive a pension under fifteen thousand.

– A song about Yura Primernogo about this?

– Yes, this is the most striking example. People died for the country, died heroically, causing a fire. Only child was my father. So this father retired his son took it over. Because he had the temerity to defend the country’s interests in Afghanistan. And two military pensions are nonpositive. So he explained, when we with Alex Lyakhov and Vova Buravlev came to him, that song about the son to sing and to take permission to perform it publicly.

“You sing "I in the native steppe to breathe and walk more fun". Does this mean that you are not a frequent visitor abroad? And if you go there, you miss the homeland?

– I’m abroad ever long been. A maximum of a week. So I can not say. The song is not of my face is sung, and on behalf of the person whose name is for the border to live forever.

– Villages are dying out, drink, devastation everywhere. And you all sing poetically. What do you love our hinterland?

– I in the Russian province are rare. Often only in Rakovka and Glinide. And Rakovka and Glenise – this is my historical homeland. So I love there.

– You are a participant of the festival “rock over the Volga”. But, you see, your songs are difficult to assign to rock music? I think this is such a sad ditty, sung in a major, about our lives. You to what musical direction you take your songs?

– I don’t know the exact definition of rock. Your style does never thought to define, but are thinking of rhymes. It seems to me that the Russian chastushka is a genre of folk art with the mandatory use of profanity. The Mat gives the Russian chastushka the biting, honesty, serves as an indicator of trust between performer and listener, and at the same time makes it completely banned the genre. Any attempts to bypass profanity, replace the euphemisms inevitably disfigure this beautiful forbidden genre and turn it into some comic songs. Therefore ditties do not ever have to sing at festivals and on TV. Don’t need to deceive anybody and to make a pathetic genre. It needs to live and grow underground, this is its charm.

– I have a feeling that you never leave your accordion. Why is this tool you’ve mastered? And why don’t you create a group, to expand the musical palette of your songs. Because they can really pack in rock arrangements.

– Yes, because I do not need. When I’m alone, I’m mobile, and this is important, given that I work in the theatre. Besides, the group must be fed – and I’m more than three concerts a month to give and not pricked, because I love to sing these songs slightly bored of it. And the harmonica because she was next to me and at the theatre Institute and in Rakovka.

– You are a city dweller and often sing about the Outback (I know that songs about Rakovka, about the farm Glinide written not by you but by Basil Moss, but you gave them a start in life) – what is the reason? Big cities, their problems don’t excite you?

“You’re right, it has worked so far mostly about the Outback. At Basil moss, incidentally, is also the preponderance of farms. Although about Peter a lot written. Why, don’t know, I’m not coming up with themes for new songs, and they go inside, bursting forth from the newly invented melodies.

– What roles you perform today in the Petersburg theatre "Buff"? Not afraid of the prospect of a lifetime to play the role of Pinocchio?

– Now rehearsing the role of a merchant Vosmibratov in the play Ostrovsky "Forest". And Pinocchio to play I’m not afraid, because it amuses me.